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Prepare yourself with daily current affairs quiz with answers and explanation for the topic. If you are preparing for any government exam in India, then it will be very useful for you. These online quiz can help you to achieve your goal. It’s important for you to practice daily.

1. In NITI Aayog‘s Health Index, 2019, Bihar scored
    A) 32.12
    B) 32.11
    C) 30.12
    D) 30.11

B is correct answer

2. In (PM-SYM) Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan Scheme, each subscriber shall receive the minimum assured pension of _______ per month after attaining the age of 60 years.
    A) ₹ 1500
    B) ₹ 3000
    C) ₹ 5000
    D) ₹ 2000
3. India‘s share in meat and meat preparation exports in the year 2017 was
    A) 3%
    B) 5%
    C) 7%
    D) 9%
4. As per the Census 2011, the child sex ratio in Bihar was
    A) 932
    B) 928
    C) 964
    D) 935
5. What is the version of the machine VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) used for voting in India?
    A) M3
    B) MI
    C) MG
    D) M9
6. Who is a land record officer?
    A) Zaildar
    B) Lambardar
    C) Zamindar
    D) Patwari

D) Patwari

7. Which one of the following industrial/economic corridors of India is being developed in collaboration with Japan?
    A) Amritsar-Kolkata
    B) Mumbai-Bengaluru
    C) Chennai-Vizag
    D) Delhi-Mumbai

D) Delhi-Mumbai

8. In Bihar, Krishi Kumbha Mela, 2019 was held in
    A) Gaya
    B) Champaran
    C) Rajgir
    D) Motihari

D) Motihari

9. What is the full form of EPCG?
    A) Export Promotion Consumer Goods
    B) Exchange Programme for Consumer Goods
    C) Export Promotion Capital Goods
    D) Expert Programme for Credit Generation

C) Export Promotion Capital Goods

10. Antyodaya Programme was started first of all in the State of
    A) Bihar
    B) Rajasthan
    C) Tamil Nadu
    D) Andhra Pradesh

B) Rajasthan

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

11. Which of the following was constituted under the Panchayati Raj system?
    A) Jan Panchayat
    B) Khap Panchayat
    C) Gram Panchayat
    D) Caste Panchayat

C) Gram Panchayat

12. Which one of the following constitutional remedies is also known as postmortem‘?
    A) Certiorari
    B) Prohibition
    C) Mandamus
    D) Quo warranto

A) Certiorari

13. The district of Bihar which has recorded the highest sex ratio as per the 2011 Census is
    A) Siwan
    B) Saran
    C) Gopalganj
    D) Kishanganj

C) Gopalganj

14. Hindu growth rate is related to
    A) Money
    B) GDP
    C) Population
    D) Temple
15. Which one of the following is not a source of direct finance?


B) Regional Rural Bank

C) State Bank of India

D) None of Above/More than one from above

D) None of Above/More than one from above

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